Providing our services on location to benefit your employees.

LYMBR @Work is our corporate wellness offering where a team of Stretch Therapists comes to your place of business with our mobile stretch tables and chairs. We currently work with some of the most progressive wellness-oriented businesses, delivering our LYMBR Method of Progressive Dynamic Stretching to promote employee well-being. Sessions are typically 20 minutes per employee, but other arrangements can be made based on your needs. Companies of all sizes can benefit from our LYMBR@Work program to drive employee productivity, engagement, and retention.


“Organizations now see well-being not just as an employee benefit or responsibility,
but as a business performance strategy.”

Deloitte Insights 2018, Well-being: A strategy and a responsibility


• Addresses common workplace issues resulting from sitting too long, reduced mobility, poor posture, long work days and inconsistent exercise.

• Re-energizes employees for a more productive workday.

• Improves posture and teaches employees what proper posture feels like.

• Helps to relieve tech neck, low-back pain, shoulder stiffness and carpal tunnel syndrome.

• Offers employers an effective tool for employee recruitment, retention & development.

• Developed based on demand from several wellness and human resource executives regarding office wellness initiatives and the need for additional solutions.

• Offers proprietary video and customized content for subscription on a per employee basis.


Promotes improved work performance by increasing flexibility, range of motion and workplace comfort.
Reduces stress of today’s always-on business culture.

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Available in select markets in NEW YORK, CONNECTICUT & MASSACHUSETTS