Providing our services on location or digitally to benefit your employees

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LYMBR @Work is our set of corporate wellness offerings.

Our on-site option deploys a team of Stretch Therapists to your place of business with our mobile stretch tables and chairs. We currently work with some of the most progressive wellness-oriented businesses, delivering our LYMBR Method of Stretching to promote employee well-being. 

Our digital option provides companies with a specifically curated set of video self-stretches so employees can participate actively in corporate wellness according to their schedule, any time of day. We work with your staff to understand the demands on your employees’ bodies in order to craft the right program for your business.

Companies of all sizes can benefit from our LYMBR@Work programs to drive employee productivity, engagement, and retention.


“Organizations now see well-being not just as an employee benefit or responsibility,
but as a business performance strategy.”

Deloitte Insights 2018, Well-being: A strategy and a responsibility


• Addresses common workplace issues resulting from sitting too long, reduced mobility, poor posture, long work days and inconsistent exercise.

• Re-energizes employees for a more productive workday.

• Boosts employees’ mental health by reducing stress through improved blood flow and oxygen throughout the body.

• Improves posture and teaches employees what proper posture feels like.

• Helps to relieve tech neck, low-back pain, shoulder stiffness and carpal tunnel syndrome.

• Offers employers an effective tool for employee recruitment, retention & development.

• Developed based on demand from several wellness and human resource executives regarding office wellness initiatives and the need for additional solutions.

• Offers proprietary video and customized content for subscription on a per employee basis.


“I absolutely loved these sessions! I noticed that sitting/standing at my desk was much more comfortable for the following 4 business days. Thanks for offering such a cool perk.”

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