LYMBR is a wellness company that restores your body through personalized stretching. We focus on bringing you a better, healthier quality of life with our LYMBR Method of one-on-one stretching. The LYMBR Method is our own proprietary technique consisting of Progressive Emphasis Stretching (PES). Our technique is about continual movement giving us the ability to focus on individual muscles and the connection of the muscular and myofascial pathways across the body 

Our method works to lengthen the muscles, increasing blood flow and space within the joint, leading to greater flexibility and decreased neural tension in the body. You will feel the results of your session immediately – feeling taller, more grounded, more relaxed and able to move with ease. 

A highly trained, LYMBR-certified therapist will work one-on-one with you, personalizing your session by delivering specific protocols to address your needs, abilities, and goals. We do the work in our studios, on location at events, and in the workplace through our LYMBR @Work program.

We strive to help every client relax, perform, and recover better, leading to an overall improved daily life.