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"LYMBR is a game changer!"

 Trish B.


I saw Ciera twice this week. Yeah, yeah – maybe I am addicted to LYMBR. Always feel like a million bucks when I leave! Ciera focuses in on my “latest” problem and puts Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Paul B.

Rachel continues to do an amazing job! A truly excellent stretch therapist.

Michael X.

Highly recommend! It was so great to focus and on the tight spots that even hot yoga couldn’t release.

Kristen S.

First visit yesterday and already recommended a friend who is going today! I signed a monthly membership on the spot. Recommend!

David N.

Karla is awesome. She takes the time to understand what I need and puts together a thoughtful program. She pays attention to where I need more or less work and has helped me make major gains in flexibility. She is also incredibly nice and welcoming.

Jesse T.

Megan truly values what she does and takes the time to understand the needs & wants of her clients to give them the best possible experience at LYMBR.

Justin H.

I have shot the best two rounds of golf in the past ten years just in this last week, a lot of it has to do with the flexibility and mobility work we do in here and at my home. 

Bob W.

I found it really surprising which muscles were actually causing tightness and pain. They do a beautiful job of making you feel better!

Zoe R.

I love this place. The service is great and the stretches are very consistent from one practitioner to the next. I own a gym and send all my trainers and clients here. I pick up weights all day and my back has a tendency to get sore. Since I’ve been going here my back feels 100% better.

Joel T.

LYMBR provides the missing piece to my workout routine. While spin classes and small group weight training were toning & shaping my body, the side effect was a lingering tightness. LYMBR helped ease the tension from my neck, shoulders and lower back. after each stretch session, I feel a little taller & more relaxed. The quick 30-minute session has proven to be the perfect complement to all of the hard work in the gym. Thanks LYMBR!


Great stretch! They talk to you first to see what your needs and preferences are stretch accordingly. Good vibe, very friendly.

Dru M.

The whole experience from the front desk staff to the therapists was really friendly, laid back and informative. Cierra really took the time to listen to my issues and worked on them really well. I woke up today in less pain and stiffness. The tip to drink more water was very much appreciated.

Johanna A.

I have been training in the martial arts for a very long time. That means that I am pretty ancient and have put a lot of wear and tear on my body. I stretch regularly, as part of every class I take or teach, but the sessions at LYMBR do so much more than I could ever do on my own to make me feel loose and easy. 

Maria V.

Lauren was amazing and so personable! Can’t wait to go back!

Stephanie F.

The studio has taken great lengths to ensure that the new safety guidelines are followed.

Steve R.

The sessions at LYMBR do so much more than I could ever do on my own.

John R.

Excellent service and anyone that need good stretches I highly recommend this place.

Alen B.

Boy it feels great to be back again.

Deanne C.

This was my first time I attended a stretch session. Gabe was wonderful and pushed to the limit. The place was immaculate and the personnel very professional!

Evakil E.

Jenny is very competent, professional and thorough without being overly aggressive. Looking forward to future sessions.

Harry C.

I highly recommend LYMBR, I am extremely tight and their stretching has helped!! I’ve been doing it for just under a year. Their staff is excellent and extremely professional.

Hussein A.

Adrian listens to my stretch needs and makes a plan each session to target muscle groups that need the most work.

Melissa M.

I’ve been going to LYMBR since June. I originally started going as a result of a sports injury, and needed some extra help recovering. They helped me get back on track, heal, and improve my physical health. I had every intention of leaving after the necessary work was done, but they’ve done such an excellent job I’ve made it part of my weekly routine to go!

Needless to say, I’ve recovered from my injury, but I keep coming back because the results have helped me not only in recovery, but in my fitness journey and overall goals. I think that’s the true testament to their skills and services. I no longer NEED to go, I want to go. I feel better and lighter after going. I use this as preventative care as well as treatment, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop going. Simply put, it works.

In summary, not only is LYMBR a super professional environment with well trained staff, they’re genuinely a great group of people who really want you to be at your physical best— and they help you get there. It’s why I keep coming back.

I highly recommend their services to anyone and everyone. You won’t regret it!

Alexia B.

I’ve been using you guys to help get my legs stretched and ready to roll for the Houston Marathon. I ran it on Sunday and had no leg issues for the 26.2. Got my Boston qualifying time for 2018! Could not have done it without my weekly stretch session there. So a big thanks to the therapists who have put up with me on the table the last couple of months.  

Don C.

I came to LYMBR for two main reasons: firstly to become more flexible and secondly to motivate myself to carve out time for much-needed relaxation in the midst of a high-stress national sales career. Adam brought a sensitivity and receptiveness to the stretching process that allowed me to fully relax and, perhaps more importantly, notice what that felt like. His being so attuned to the work helped me stay attentive to it too, making it more than just therapeutic but downright enjoyable. Adam taught me about somatic awareness and over the course of a few short months, I noticed that I could relax tension from my face and shoulders with much greater ease. I am grateful for what we accomplished together and feel like I am significantly further along on my “wellness-path” than I would be without LYMBR.

Bethany K.

I feel fabulous after my first LYMBR session. It was just what my legs needed. If you are a runner I highly recommend.

Mike S.

After suffering a knee surgery, I decided to try LYMBR with Rick Charron. Within a few sessions, I felt a little relief and after two months, I am almost pain free! Rick’s expertise in stretching and explaining how each stretch works, has helped me tremendously. I recommend Rick with absolutely no hesitation.

M.B. from Newton

I had the good fortune to sneak into LYMBR before it opened to the public—such a treat! Nick found spots in my hips, shoulders, and thoracic spine that I didn’t even realize were sore. I felt like a million bucks by the time I walked out. If you spend hours each week building your body in the gym, you need to spend time on your recovery, too. The sort of stretching that LYMBR offers is a must to keep your joints, ligaments and muscles moving right.

Candice P.

While training for my 11th marathon I have been mixing in a 2x/week stretch at LYMBR Darien. This is the first year that my wheels have held up with no injuries- coincidence? I don’t think so… the team ( Christine, Michael, Noah, have all worked magic!) at LYMBR has been sensational. Very professional and great at what they do. Thanks for helping me through this race season!

Burt P.

WOW! I just had a session at LYMBR and it was incredible! I have insomnia and so I’m always in pain – neck, back, arms etc. I went to see Karina and she was wonderful. I feel lighter in my body. I feel clearer in my thoughts. I am in much less pain than when I walked in! Highly recommend. For me, it was more helpful than a massage (and I do love massages). A+++

Nikki L.

LYMBR has helped me to identify hidden muscles whose lack of flexibility and attention were causing me pain and discomfort in other areas. In trying to fix it myself, I was stretching what hurt, which wasn’t going to enable me to progress. Each session leaves me feeling taller, stronger and better. Don’t waste time. RUSH to LYMBR! 

Andrew S.

I highly recommend LYMBR. My experience has drastically improved my flexibility. I have seen a drastic change in my golf swing and other athletic endeavors. Anyone looking to increase their flexibility and recovery time needs to book some sessions here.


Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff, felt great right after my first Stretch…


Originally I came to LYMBR to help with lower back issues and stiffness and was definitely helped in that area, but then the stretching also helped keep me flexible for the demands of ski season. The stretching done by the capable therapists is way beyond what I could do on my own. I have used two different therapists, both of whom are friendly as well as competent in their craft more than willing to adjust what they do to fit your wishes. My wife also participates in the program and we both highly recommend LYMBR!


The Stretch Therapist was amazing! I did the 1 hour stretch and I felt rejuvenated!

Melody L.

Great experience today in Darien! Friendly, knowledgeable staff and such a beautiful space. Felt wonderful after!!

Jackie G.

A game changer. Customized stretching to meet your needs. I was surprised how effective just one session was. This will now be part of my health regimen as it made a difference in the quality of my workouts this week – post stretch session.

Trish B.

I’ve been having a nagging pain in my lower back, hip area when lifting my leg or getting up from bed in the morning. Then I came across the LYMBR studio in Newton. After the first session I felt better, but after 2 more sessions the difference was amazing! I am looking forward to being pain free.

Wendy M.

So happy LYMBR opened in Tribeca! I was hooked from my very first visit. Cam walked me through a series of stretches – he explained what he was doing along the way and was a true expert. I felt incredible after and can’t wait to get back. All of the staff were lovely, and the space is beautiful too. Thank you!

Amy M.

Competed at the CT Indoor Rowing Championships on Sunday in Easton and checked out some vendors. Never heard of LYMBR, but am so glad I took the time for a trial run. All 3 were very personable and Cara did an amazing and thorough job stretching me in between races. It hurt a bit, but in the best possible way. I’ve competed in cycling and running races with free massage tents at the finish, but this experience of full, deep stretching beats that hands down!! Thanks Cara and LYMBR. Came home with two 1st-place honors today. Now, how to get them to come to every regatta year round.

Dan L.

This was really amazing! I feel so much better and the ladies were very knowledgeable about injuries and muscles and how to make your body work better. This is a great for anyone but especially for people who need an extra stretch for sports or for older people who are not very active! Would highly recommend it!

Ashley H.

I always told my trainers I would love to be stretched everyday if I could find someone who would stretch me, I found the place! All I could say it is FABULOUS!

Annette F.M.

My first time and I loved it – great atmosphere, very relaxing. I was welcomed with enthusiasm and warmth. LYMBR is truly profesional, I felt super afterwards. they released many of my stuck energy points. – I’m for sure a life time customer of LYMBR. Looking forward to seeing you again next month.

El L.

I have run multiple marathons and an ultra and this is the first year I have incorporated LYMBR into my training routine. My first stop after my long run (and a shower) is the LYMBR studio. The next day I am amazed at how good my whole body feels. The day after tight calfs, sore hammies and tight hip flexors are a thing of the past. How did I ever train without LYMBR…

Lisa S.

Had the opportunity to check out LYMBR today ! It was a great stretch and I highly recommend checking them out. The studio manager Mo is extremely knowledgeable, educated and truly passionate about what she does. Left feeling completely different than when I walked in. Stretching is crucial.

Susie F.S.

What a great idea. The facility is bright, clean and open for a pleasant experience. Alex is well trained and was very careful to make sure that our stretches were comfortable, yet effective. We left refreshed and renewed. Thanks LYMBR.

Chad C.

Dawn from the Newton, MA location gave me a stretch session & I told her of my areas of issue & she worked on me. I was sore for a day or so after, because she reached muscles that had received atrophy during a previous illness. It was only a light soreness. One that comes with a healthy workout. Ibuprofen took care of that. I have since done many activities such as deep cleaning things & spaces in my apartment & it didn’t destroy me like it had every other time. I didn’t have downtime for days like usual. The stretching from that trial made me a believer in the healing of stretch therapy. I can’t wait to target other areas. I am a believer already. It’s awesome! Thank you!

Wendy M.R.

What an incredible team at LYMBR! They are awesome , professional and extremely knowledgeable!

Kim M.

Visited the BEAUTIFUL Darien studio today for a stretch by Noah, who was very professional and knowledgeable. Feeling great and definitely returning!

Marie B.

2 days ago I competed in an 8 hour obstacle race challenge. I finished in 3rd place for females, covering about 24 miles and 125+ obstacles. As you can imagine my body was pretty beat up. I did a stretch session today and my legs feel so good. I’m ready to do some running tomorrow (just 3 days post race). So many athletes, myself included, don’t stretch properly, and that can be the key to improved performance. The service at LYMBR is top of the line and results are amazing. Thanks!

Serra L.

I’ve been running for nearly thirty years and LYMBR has been helping me greatly to maintain my performance and keep me injury and pain free. I just finished a 1/2 marathon and broke a personal record at 60 years old, third place in my age group- Thanks LYMBR! 


I just left the studio and had my session with my therapist. She was so great and listened to my aches and areas of tightness. As a yoga instructor I live a very active lifestyle and testing my ever growing abilities can leave me feeling tight and sore. I will definitely be returning on a regular basis to combat my hamstrings and hips. Their knowledge and localized treatment has left me much more comfortable and lengthened!

Leah K.

I am a professional boxer and gym owner. I run my gym as a solo outfit, and train for my fights daily. This along with keeping up my home life with my wife and newborn son keeps my hips and legs bound up beyond self foam rolling and stretching. I hear about this place and took them up on a free session. In twenty minutes I felt envigorated. I will certainly be returning in a week for another session the Monday before my fight.

Brandon M.

One of the best things you can do for your body is to be limber! Being in the fitness industry for 20+ years, this place is God send!! Most people may take care of themselves when it comes to cardio conditioning and strength training, but never fully stretch. That’s when injuries occur. Treat yourself weekly to assisted stretching and you will see improvements in every aspect of your life! The training of the staff is top notch! The place is immaculate and convenient! I can not recommend it more! Best idea!

Jodi F.

When I first came to LYMBR I didn’t know what to expect. Now, I’ve been here a few weeks and I can see and feel a difference. I stand taller and feel more balanced. I look forward to my stretch sessions and schedule regular appointments.


In the last three years, this has been the only thing that has been able to help my back. I have tried physical therapy, chiropractor, etc with no relief for my back. It was difficult in the beginning but after three sessions the pain started to go away and after about four sessions I started feeling relief for the first time in 3 years and have finally been able to go back to exercising! I would honestly recommend LYMBR to anyone who is living with lower back pain and has felt like there is no hope for a pain free life. Nobody should have to deal with the pain and their stretching method really does help.

Marybeth G.

Since discovering LYMBR in the Summer of 2016, I have increased my ability to go further, as my recovery times have more than halved. The dedicated and well-trained staff truly work with you and focus on your needs. A true tool for training and a gift to make any goal possible.


LYMBR was exactly what I was looking for! I really wanted to start working out again and get back to yoga after not participating in either for about 2 years. I noticed that I had become so much less flexible in my movements. My massage therapist suggested I start stretching regularly on my own, but I was unsure if I was doing it enough or the right way. Then I discovered LYMBR! I have had about 7 sessions and I have noticed a big difference! The Staff is very nice and the clinician I have been working with does an excellent job explaining what and why about each exercise!

Charlene W.

LYMBR has been an amazing help to my Boston Marathon training. I started the sessions after experiencing tight quads from running. The stretches did wonders not only for my quads, but the entire leg as well. I love coming to the studio prior to long runs!


When I came in a month ago I had shoulder and muscle pain. My shoulder pain is more than 50% improved. My muscle pain is much improved and range of motion is significantly better. I highly recommend LYMBR!


I came to LYMBR with very bad neck pain. I did not know the reason for my pain but knew it was getting worse. I was skeptical that stretching was going to solve the problem but after working on my neck, shoulders and back with Rick for a month, I have made great strides. I did not realize how much in need I was for this. Thank you LYMBR!


I have tried acupuncture, chiropractor manipulation, physical therapy, massage therapy and fascia connective tissue massage to relieve my back pain. Nothing compares to my experience here at LYMBR! I highly recommend this method to relieve pain and increase mobility and flexibility. I have been stretched by several of the staff, and can say they all have been excellent!!

Kathleen C.

My husband and I have been coming to LYMBR for about a month and we love it! We have been working with Khara and Nick and they are great; they are professional and friendly! Assisted stretch has been helping us both work out aches & pains; also prepares is for the week!!! I highly recommend LYMBR!

Randi L.

I can’t say enough about how great LYMBR is and how much they have done to alleviate soreness and tightness in my legs, hips, and back. The stretches they perform are phenomenal and are tailored toward helping the individual maintain flexibility. I highly recommend giving them a try. As a highly active person, they have done a great job helping me to continue to perform at a high level. You will not be disappointed if you pay them a visit.

Rich D.

Last week I walked in for a 30 minute stretch with Rick and I honestly feel like a new man. I was sore in a lot of areas from exercising, but I was amazed at how quickly I began to feel relief. These people clearly know what they are doing! If you’re feeling sore or even just stressed out, the ambience of this place will put you at ease and so will the people working there. I definitely need to go back there soon!

Mike B.

I suffer from migraines and I feel like a good upper body stretch has helped relieve the tension in my shoulders and neck. It has helped with pain while increasing mobility.  

Michelle S.

Rick has helped tremendously with my lower back pain. I’ve dealt with this on and off for 3+ years and after 2 weeks of stretches I’m feeling so much better.

Marybeth G.

It’s a very low key environment with fantastic stretch therapists. I have greatly improved my shoulder strength and mobility, after my left shoulder was stretched out! Go check it out, 5/5! 

Chris B.

I walked out feeling better than ever after my 30 minute session! Definitely recommend checking it out.

Llyod H.

Go check out LYMBR. Great staff with a very unique idea. They will get you feeling right!

Nicholas P.

I finally feel like I am my own age. I absolutely loved it. Definitely going back.

Carter H.

Great first session and I’m excited to experience more. I worked with Nick for a half an hour. I knew about my hamstrings and right shoulder but what he showed me about the left side was surprising. Keep up the good work!

Heather O.

I went into the studio today for a 30 minute stretch. I was amazed by the results and the kind, insightful staff. The owner, Rob, was full of positive energy and really had a vision for the company. I would recommend this place to anyone experiencing pain, soreness, or simply for relaxation. I will definitely be back for another amazing stretch in the near future!

Emylee W.

I hit this week with back to back runs, kickboxing and HIIT inspired workouts but my hips and legs are loose and feel great. This has brought HUGE relief to my old injuries!

Laura C.

Walked past this on a Sunday and decided to set up a stretch. I’m a runner and training for a January marathon and have had constant challenges with tight hamstrings causing calf issues. After just the demo I could feel a difference in the hammies and some flexibility in the hips improve. Decided to do another session and I wish I could remember her name but she put me through a great 30 minute sequence of stretches, some easy, some were a real challenge, but I need that.

Don C.

You’ll probably walk past this place and not think twice, Body stretching? lol.. I am not a super fit person,you won’t find me running any races but, have been trying to tone up for upcoming summer travels but lately, the aches and pains has been unbearable. I went to my doc she said I should implement more stretching. I was later referred here by a good friend that is a fitness hero, just raved about this place. So I took her word for it! I walked in and was serviced by Rick, he first explained how this all worked answered questioned perfectly and professionally, he listened to my goals and what was stopping me from moving forward. I received my first complementary 30 mins and it felt amazing. My shoulders felt less stiff afterwards so, I purchased 10 sessions. I am looking to forward to updating how the results once completely implemented help toward my fitness goals.

Sal L.

It feels great after a tough workout and it’s a great compliment to my regular workout routine.