Massachusetts Stretch Therapy Firm Expands To Darien

The Hour, June 2017

A Massachusetts company chose Darien for its first Connecticut stretching studio, taking space at the Goodwives Shopping Center with plans to open in July. LYMBR offers therapist-assisted stretching as an evolution of the active isolated stretching technique for limbering muscles and the myofascial system. Read full article…

LYMBR Is Stretching Out

PR Newswire, June 2017

LYMBR™, (formerly StretchOut Studios of Lynnfield, MA), the leader of Therapist Assisted Stretching, is proud to announce the recent expansion into the Newton MA, Darien CT, Boca Raton FL, and Palm Beach FL markets. Read full release…

Client-Driven, Therapist-Assisted Stretching For All Ages.

Northshore Magazine, May 2017

If you’ve ever felt your quads rebel after sprinting across a 10K finish line or gotten a stiff neck from spending too many hours hunched over a computer, you know what a relief it is to stretch your muscles afterward. Read full article…

Stretching Exercises Are In as the Next Fitness Fad

New York Times, Feb 2017

StretchOut Studios (now LYMBR™) opened seven months ago in the Boston area, specializing in a type of athletic stretching technique called active isolated stretching. Read full article…

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