Fairfield County Resident Hopes To Get Back On Her Horse Thanks To LYMBR

The Daily Voice, Mar 2018

Lucia will never know for sure what caused her beloved palomino mare Butterscotch to be extra jumpy that day in February 2016. But the Fairfield County resident’s skill wasn’t enough when her horse bucked at the sound of a truck backfiring and Lucia landed on the frozen ground of a trail she rode regularly in Bedford, N.Y.  See the full article…

Making Stretching Part of Your Daily Routine

NBC10 Boston, Jan 2018

You may think stretching is only something you do before playing a sport or working out. But experts say it should be a key part of your daily routine. Watch the full broadcast…

New Year, New You: Suspended Stretching

WCVB5 Boston, Jan 2018

Elevate your fitness to new heights with anti-gravity yoga, and if you forget to stretch when you work out, LYMBR will do it for you. Watch broadcast… (LYMBR featured at minute 2:30.)

Tribeca Is Getting a Stretching Studio

Tribeca Citizen, Nov 2017

Something is indeed opening at 11 Jay, formerly the site of Gigantic Productions: LYMBR, “a leading provider of personalized stretching.” LYMBR also has outposts in Darien, Conn.; Boca Raton and Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., and Newton, Mass. See the full article…

LYMBR @Work Stretches Into The Workplace

Markets Insider, Oct 2017

LYMBR, a wellness company and a leading provider of personalized stretching, announced the official launch of LYMBR@Work. This new program offers onsite personalized stretching as a service for companies that wish to support their employees with corporate health and wellness opportunities in the workplace. Clients receive a personalized stretch therapy protocol designed and executed by highly trained stretch therapists who tailor the stretch to an individual’s specific needs. Read full article…

Stretching Is The Hot New Workout – And Some Say That’s A Reach

The Wall Street Journal, Oct 2017

Stretching used to be something people squeezed in before or after a workout. It is now a one-on-one treatment with specialized equipment and trained helpers. Stretching services and studios are popping up nationwide, pulling in hard-core exercisers like Mr. Minichiello, who says stretching sessions help him run faster and prevent injuries. The studios are also attracting creaky office workers wanting to unwind tight spots. Read full article…

Getting LYMBR: Stretching Studio Open In Goodwives Shopping Center

Darien News, Aug 2017

DARIEN — Lisa Schneider is a marathon runner, so stretching is key.

While at a stretching session at Lymbr, a personalized stretching studio, she complained about a pain in her knee. Her stretch therapist showed her the knee pain was actually linked to a tightness in her hip and showed her how to correct this so her knee would no longer bother her. Read full article…

Massachusetts Stretch Therapy Firm Expands To Darien

The Hour, June 2017

A Massachusetts company chose Darien for its first Connecticut stretching studio, taking space at the Goodwives Shopping Center with plans to open in July. LYMBR offers therapist-assisted stretching as an evolution of the active isolated stretching technique for limbering muscles and the myofascial system. Read full article…

LYMBR Is Stretching Out

PR Newswire, June 2017

LYMBR™, (formerly StretchOut Studios of Lynnfield, MA), the leader of Therapist Assisted Stretching, is proud to announce the recent expansion into the Newton MA, Darien CT, Boca Raton FL, and Palm Beach FL markets. Read full release…

Client-Driven, Therapist-Assisted Stretching For All Ages.

Northshore Magazine, May 2017

If you’ve ever felt your quads rebel after sprinting across a 10K finish line or gotten a stiff neck from spending too many hours hunched over a computer, you know what a relief it is to stretch your muscles afterward. Read full article…

Stretching Exercises Are In as the Next Fitness Fad

New York Times, Feb 2017

StretchOut Studios (now LYMBR™) opened seven months ago in the Boston area, specializing in a type of athletic stretching technique called active isolated stretching. Read full article…

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