LYMBR™ Terms and Conditions


LYMBR stretches are booked in 30 or 60-minute sessions. Scheduling requires a major credit card or available credit in your account to confirm a reservation. Reservations may be scheduled in person, by phone, online, or on our mobile LYMBR Stretch app.


Using your stretches:

You are welcome to use your purchased stretches in any LYMBR studio.


Cancelling or Rescheduling your appointment: 

Cancellations or schedule changes made more than 24 hours prior to an appointment will receive a session credit back to your account for that session. Cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to an appointment will result in a full charge for that session from your account.


Session & Package expiration dates and refund policies:

LYMBR Stretches purchased as a single and our New Client Offer expire in 45 days. Three and five hour packages expire 3 months after purchase. Ten hour packages expire 6 months after purchase. Twenty hour packages expire 9 months after purchase. 50 and 100 Hour packages expire 12 months after purchase. You may cancel your purchase and receive a full refund of unused stretches if your request is made by midnight of the fifth business day following your original purchase date, excluding holidays.


Monthly membership expiration dates, refund and cancellation policies:

LYMBR Memberships require a 3-month minimum commitment. Promotional memberships may have additional commitment requirements. Membership fees will automatically charge monthly from the date of purchase. Unused stretches do not carry over to the next month. Additional stretches during the active period may be purchased at the membership rate. You may cancel your renewal in writing at any time following your three-month commitment effective as of the next monthly period. Visit our Studios page for list of studio email addresses to submit your cancellation request. You may cancel your initial membership purchase and receive a full refund of unused stretches if your request is made by midnight of the fifth business day following your purchase, excluding holidays.


Sharing packages and memberships:

Packages may be shared with immediate family members including your spouse/partner and children. Memberships may not be shared.


Gift Card purchases and expiration dates: 

Gift cards may be purchased online or in studio for any amount. Gift cards are non-refundable and do not expire. The recipient of your gift card may share the gift card with anyone they wish. If you purchase a package or membership using a gift card, the terms of that purchase apply. To book your sessions using a gift card, please use our LYMBR Stretch app or call the studio.


How to book online:

Visit our Studios page to schedule a session at any of our studios. You must have sessions available in your account to book an appointment.


How to book in app:

Download the free LYMBR Stretch app in the App Store or Google Play.