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LYMBR was founded by a group of friends who all have one thing in common – a healthy active lifestyle has been important to them most of their lives.  As they continued on with their careers and building families, they stayed competitive in sports and their practice in other areas of fitness. It became evident that staying limber and healthy had to be as high priority as anything else. LYMBR was born out of the realization that they were not the only ones wanting to stay active year after year.

If it was important to them, chances are it was important to others.

Their vision was to fill a void in the growing boutique and everyday fitness industries where more and more people are spending time in gyms, studios and registering for races. With this increase in attention to getting more fit, not enough time is being spent on the recovery from these activities. We break our bodies down, and we need to build them back up.

People are also living longer, more active lives and they expect and deserve to age gracefully. At LYMBR, we support the goals of anyone who is interested in staying active.

One of our founders, Stefan Matte, who we call our “Guru” brings more than 20 years of  practice in teaching, strengthening, stretching and consulting – working with clients, designing programs and developing new protocols. He is the architect of the LYMBR Method of Progressive Emphasis Stretching.

Every employee at LYMBR has one goal – to help our clients be their best and give them the best customer service experience. Whether you come to relax, perform better in your activity, or recover from daily stresses – we are here to help you reach your goals.

Please come visit any one of our studios open in Darien CT, Newton MA, the Upper East Side in NYC and in the Hamptons. Greenwich CT opens Fall 2023.