experience the LYMBR difference and commit to a better you.

Enjoy our NEW CLIENT 60 MINUTE SESSION at a special price of $69. You can book in 30-minute increments, or schedule a full 60-minute session. We always recommend an hour session to get the full LYMBR experience.


60-MIN SESSION – $69

Regular price, $99. One-time purchase for new clients only. Must use session within 30 days.


Our team will work with you to achieve a higher sense of relaxation, performance and recovery.  Regardless of your age or activity level, you will feel lasting benefits from a LYMBR stretch.

We encourage you to attend your stretching session in loose-fitting pants and shirt to allow for better, guided movement with your therapist. Face masks are required. Please wear socks during your session. Socks are available for purchase should you forget. If you wish to change prior to your session then we recommend that you arrive 10 minutes earlier to allow time to change clothing and check-in.

A LYMBR session is built in three stages. During the first few minutes, your therapist will perform and assessment and review your goals and any physical limitations. Next your therapist will guide you through a series of stretches based on your assessment. This will be the majority of your session time. To conclude the session your therapist may recommend a personalized stretching program, self-stretching technique or both.

As a courtesy to all LYMBR guests, we ask that you silence your mobile phones and electronic devices upon arrival to the studio. A late arrival may result in less time for your session as we have to be mindful of our next guest’s appointment.