If life did not bless you with the best knees or hips in the world, don’t stress! Sometimes sports we play or jobs we do have a negative impact on our body. We all know someone who has a back or knee problem. It might even be you. One muscle that can impact your knee is a muscle you may not have considered. If you’re seated and reading this then you are using this muscle right now because you are sitting on it! This muscle, technically known as the Gluteus Maximus and commonly known as our Butt, is our biggest muscle in our body. This muscle helps to cushion us when we fall on our backside and propel us as we walk. Sometimes this muscle can actually be the cause of someone’s knee pain.

This may seem irrelevant and weird to some, because the knee is so far from the hip. The truth is that the Gluteus Maximus attaches to the top of your hip bone, right on the side. The muscle doesn’t stop there, it actually becomes a tendon and continues down to the outside of the knee. So if someone stands on one leg, juts their hip out or even sits with their knees touching they could develop a knee issue. We see this commonly with runners and people that sit for work.

Focusing on this region release muscular tension that can be influencing the hips and knees, giving you the best chance to crush your next run, ride or whatever gets you moving!