The golf swing is one of the most complex motions in all of sports. It uses the entire kinetic chain to transfer forces from your feet, through your hips and back, to your shoulders and hands. It’s no surprise this motion can take a toll, causing sore muscles, and often injuries from overuse.

The LYMBR Golf program uses our LYMBRmethods of stretching and resistance strengthening to help build a stronger, more limber golfer. You’ll experience improved balance, better mobility and increased flexibility, allowing your body to handle the repetitive motions your golf game demands.


LYMBR Golf is a three-part personalized program designed with a Stretch – Strength – Stretch protocol consisting of ten 60-minute sessions.


• Discuss goals, problem areas and history with your therapist.
• You will be guided through a series of stretches and movements to look for imbalances and weaknesses, and to assess your mobility and flexibility


• Your therapist will begin your program with guided stretching to address the mobility and flexibility issues discovered in your evaluation.
• Strengthening will be incorporated to address the imbalances and weaknesses.
• In this phase, your therapist will act as a resistance force through a series of guided movements, keeping your body aligned during each exercise.
• Resistance is applied to help achieve full range of motion in both flexion and extension movements.


• Your therapist completes your personalized program with a return to guided stretching
• This phase is designed to reinforce the strength and stretch protocols completed in prior sessions.